on 01 Feb 2021 1:36 PM

A system for pharmaceutical case boxes serialization and sealing.

The PharmaTrack allows the marking (thermal inkjet or laser), the possible “vignette” labeling, the tamperproof labeling, and the optical verification of all the process phases.

The control panel (MMI) and the serialization system monitor are separated for the best operativity: simultaneously consultable and usable. They are both ergonomically positioned.

All the checks are carried out in “positive logic”, according to GAMP criteria and satisfy the maximum safety requirements. Airblast product ejector with “actually rejected” check. IQ & OQ validation.

The PharmaTrack can be equipped with serialization software and vision sensors for checking of actual marking and labeling (vignette). Up to 3 latest generation cameras with OCR capacity, for lateral and upper checking of the case box.

The seal labels application is checked by optical fibre with “nonadaptive” label checking on both sides of the case box.

“Actual product spacing” check. Readability check of code and text printed on the case box and on the label. Check for “actual labeling” and “actual rejection” of non-conforming products.