PLACE-N-BOND Underfilms

This Patented Underfilm Technology of pre-formed thermoplastic corner/edge bonds BGA/LGA/CSP packages to the PCB to improve solder ball/joint and shock-drop reliability. If needing an underfill alternative for an application, PLACE-N-BONDTM  Underfilm is the perfect solution.

PLACE-N-BONDTM is supplied in EIA-481 Standard carrier tape and can be picked and placed using a custom nozzle with existing SMT feeders on existing SMT assembly lines. Underfilm gets placed during component placement. The films are geometrically precise for each application and give better volume and placement control over dispensed type systems such as Underfill

Unlike the alternative underfill, PLACE-N-BONDTM Underfilm bonding and gap fill happens during the reflow process, no secondary cure is required. The corner/edge bond doesn't encapsulate all of the balls under the BGA/LGA device making it 100% re-workable. It can be stored in standard warehouse temperatures and has a 10+ year shelf-life.

This product has been fully tested. Drop test results show a significant improvement in solder joint/ball and shock-drop reliability. PLACE-N-BONDTM is RoHS certified and can be applied in assemblies using standard Lead-Free reflow profiles.