on 15 Sep 2020 5:42 PM

Birmingham, UK. 15 September 2020 - Today, IPP has announced a new pharmaceutical distribution partnership with the leading manufacturer of inspection solutions, Proditec. The announcement comes alongside a recently published global research report that predicts the pharmaceutical equipment testing market will gain growth of 10.7% in the forecast period of 2020 to 2027*.

Under the new distribution partnership, IPP will manage Proditec’s entire portfolio of industrial niche inspection solutions in the UK and Ireland.

IPP’s Managing Director Jack Daly is pleased to partner with Proditec, “Serving many of the same pharmaceutical leaders across the UK and Irish territories, this partnership empowers IPP to continually offer our customers top-of-the-range manufacturing and inspection solutions at a critical growth period for the industry.”

Proditec’s President Christophe Riboulet welcomed the announcement, “IPP has a strong reputation as a technical distributor of pharmaceutical manufacturing and inspection equipment in the UK and Ireland, bolstered by an expert, on the ground and timely service offering. All of which allows Proditec to continually honour its strong commitment to client satisfaction.”

About IPP
With over 40 years’ experience, IPP is a technical distributor of manufacturing equipment to the electronics, pharmaceutical and medical device sectors across the UK and Ireland.

About Proditec
With more than 400 machines in over 40 countries, Proditec is a leading manufacturer of automatic inspection machines in the pharmaceutical industry and the minting industry.

*Data Bridge Market Research: