on 15 Apr 2019 8:59 PM

The highly transparent ELPECAST® casting compound Wepuran VT 3402 KK-NV-LT of Peters was chosen for the light art project entitled ”5 pillars for Marburg“.

Thanks to the casting of LED stripes lined in inner tubes, the impressive colour-changing pillars set up at the entrance of the cultural centre of the new mosque in Marburg, Germany, reach protection code IP 65, thus ensuring that all 40 illuminated steles can be safely operated outdoors.

Consisting of translucent and break-proof polycarbonate tubes of 4 meters height and a diameter of no more than 87 mm, the specially produced steles are illuminated homogeneously. More details are available from PeterSchnyder DesignManagement, Berlin, Germany, specialising in the design and production of customised lamps.