on 01 Feb 2021 1:33 PM

The ARCA ‘Wrap Around Up’ Labeller introduces the possibility of printing variable data with any of the following technologies:

  • Thermal transfer marker
  • thermal inkjet
  • laser marker which does not require consumables and guarantees
    maximum reliability

The ARCA ‘Wrap Around Up’ system, is a Labeller with a thermal transfer printing module and a “gull-wing” access system offering protection that can be opened on both sides.

The labelling system is normally inserted in the automatic production line. Alternatively, it can be loaded by a manually loaded rotating table; the discharge can be on the production line or on a second rotating table or on a linear “controlled” storage section (intelligent start and stop), always for manual unloading. The system also benefits from “Product height” control for verifying correct closure of the product.

A Single-sided compact system (“balcony” style) means all adjustments are returned to the operator side. The “open frame” structure facilitates easy cleaning operations.